Niche Specific Internet Marketing Company

We run a portfolio of authority sites, ecommerce sites and private label products on chosen niches – each one built to help buyers make right buying decisions. 

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We reach out to more than 100,000 users across the globe but focussed mainly on US, UK and Canada. Enquire here for banner ads, CPA, Influencer marketing, Product Reviews, paid posts, etc. Advertise



Propose your topic for guest posts or invite us to contribute a guest post, create pitch for your publication or for any analytics/technical help you may need from our team or tools we use. Collaborate


Joint Venture

If you got a great idea, we will be happy to evaluate a joint venture opportunity with you. We consider requests for Tech/Content partnership, resources or staggered micro investments. Partner



The best way to learn is DIY! There isn’t any system on earth that can get you same results as the so called “Guru” from whom you just purchased several $$$ course. Lets learn and grow together! Reach out

The Tingg Toolbox

We spent time on tools, courses, and people with NO results at all. Not to mention the amount of money we wasted. So when asked, how would you like to add value to our friends in Internet marketing, we said, let’s just create an amazing repository of Experts, Tools, and Services to save people time and money!

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Our Approach

Great Content

‘Content is King’ – We have always taken this concept very seriously and focus on making posts that pass on lots of information without boring you to death!

Optimized Content

Time to get eyeballs on the great content! All our posts are well optimized for search engines and also contain those secret ingredients of a viral post.

Keyword Research

Receiving traffic? Great! But what about $$? Driving search traffic through buyer intent keywords is the secret of a high conversion rate!

Link Building

How exactly do we rank those keywords? Well, pretty simple. Build lots of high quality white hat links to the targeted posts and see your rankings skyrocket!

Note from our collaborators

Your post is fantastic and almost ready to publish. Thanks so much and feel free to send posts my way or let me know if you’d like me to contribute a story.
Joan Matsui , Travel Writer

Hi, wow it’s a truly beautiful blog that you have there. You have great knowledge of niche. Honestly, go for whatever you think works best for the feel of the post.
Keelie Briggs , Lifestyle Blogger